Should humans be responsible for the Earth?



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    Yes, for a couple reasons, though there are certainly more!

    For one, we are the only animals capable of thinking about the intricacies of such abstract ideas, such as responsibility and the entire planet.  Since we are the only ones here capable of understanding what happens to the Earth and the impact that it has on our decendants’ futures, we should take the responsibility, because no one else is going to.

    Secondly, we are the cause of many issues happening here on Earth, so it is up to us to fix our mistakes.  Pollution effects the planet, hands down.  We have many studies to show us what exactly is being effected, and some theories trying to explain some more difficult relationships between our pollution and the environment, but either way, we effect the Earth more than any other species.  To use a metaphor, though in some cases of pollution such as oil spills it is more literal, I think whoever spills something is responsible for cleaning it up.

    Hope this helps!


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    Yes. We are the only species on Earth that does not need to adapt to the environment in order to survive. Every other species lives in harmony with the Earth; that is, they act and react to the changing world around them and fight for survival.  Humans, however, have no predators and are the only species that can change the environment around them instead of changing themselves.  There are no areas in which we cannot live, and we simply make the world suit our needs. Thusly, because we change the Earth for ourselves, we should be responsible for taking care of us. Because it may get to a point where we lose control and the planets reacts violently to our impact.

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    If we use the resources and change the environment with our creations, but DON’T accept responsibility, then who else is supposed to?  Things are cause and effect.  If we use everything up, but don’t replenish them or foster protection, everything will vanish.  If we are responsible for using, we should be responsible for continuing.

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    If we humans destroy it then the earth can not continue to live. Without earth’s survival,how will we? I can’t think of any planets we can safely reside without having to take precaution or measures to stay safe.

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