Should gasoline come with country of origin labels?



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    It is very hard to distinguish where the gasoline comes from since there is a lot mixing that happens during the shipment of gasoline through the pipeline.  The majority of the gasoline is shipped by a pipeline to storage terminals and then loaded into trucks to deliver to individual gas stations.  So different gas stations in the same neighborhood might have the same gasoline since it is delivered through a common storage terminal.  Thus, it would be very hard to individually label gasoline with the country of origin.

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    Oil from all over the world goes to US refineries, where it is blended and refined; the resulting products including gasoline are then blended in pipelines just as the other answer says.

    If US gasoline had country of origin labels, virtually all of it would have to have all 60 or so nations from which the US imports oil. The exceptions are very few.

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