Should everyone on earth own the rainforest because of how much they do for us all?



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    Why would we need to own it? I feel that no one really needs to OWN the rainforest. Rather, I think it’s better that we advocate for its protection and safety, rather than allowing companies to buy up and destroy large tracts of it.

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    Interesting question, kennethbyrd.  I agree with jvanderlee, that we don’t need to own rain forests, but should still protect them.  I think it is interesting to think about the idea of owning nature at all, and how such a mindset maybe has gotten us into trouble.  If you own something, then may feel entitled to do with it what you please, whether that be to conserve the land or develop it, so thinking that we can own the earth is potentially dangerous.  Also, think about where we would be without the oceans, or without the great plains, or without any other magnificent part of the world.  To single any one part out as being the most important and to focus on just its concerns is also troublesome, because it is the whole world that does so much for us all, not just the rain forests.

    Anyhow, that is my 2 cents!

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