Should every home be responsible for offsetting its carbon ether by planting trees or some other way?



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    It would be great if every household tried to offset its carbon emissions, but unfortunately some people cannot afford to. For those who wish to try, there are plenty of CO2 calculators that enable to estimate their carbon footprint and try to reduce it or offset it in some way.

    The goal of monitoring CO2 emissions should be to reduce energy waste and make your environmental impact smaller to begin with. Offsets are an okay idea, but lifestyle changes that decrease carbon emissions in the first place would be a more direct approach.

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    I think this falls more under personal responsibility as opposed to mandatory regulations. Making something like this a law would most likely be seen as an infringement of personal freedom for a number of reasons. Ideally individuals would be able to monitor themselves on their own and try to make responsible decisions to offset their impacts. 

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