Should environmentalism be incorporated with all classes taught in school now?



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    I am thinking about apply to law school in a few years. I believe that it should be incorporated into a class, not all classes. This is simply because all law does not deal with environmentalism. Rather, if you want to take the environmental law class, you can. 

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    It likely is not appropriate to include environmentalism in all classes as a topic. However, many courses can incorporate green ideas and conservation methods. For example, an art class could use organic paints and reduce the amount of paper for sketching. An automechanics course could learn how to appropriate dispose of used oil to help protect the environment. Now more schools are offering courses about the environment including environmental policy, environmental management, and environmental ethics.

    Education is very important for conservation and protection of the environment. However, we do not want to bore or force the ideas on people so they become sick of or rebellious towards what must be done to help save the earth.

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    I think it would be interesting to integrate environmentalism into specific subject matter….because it would perpetuate the thinking process in all specialties.  As ‘thinking green’ becomes more second nature, it will become a part of all we do anyway.

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    Maybe not every class subject, but in every classroom yes.  It is the key to the future, it is not biased against religion or race or gender.  Everyone should learn key things about environmentalism in their every day lives as well as in their classes.

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    Yes.  The word “environmentalism” however, has a negative connotation to some people who think that this somehow advocates radical practices.  It would need to be renamed “environmental education” or “environmental awareness” to be accepted into the curriculum of mainstream schools. It seems silly to be so politically correct, but I believe it is essential for kids to grow up with a wide range of knowledge.  The earlier they know about pollution, global warming etc., the more likely it is that they will be open to these ideas and be aware of them in the future.  The more informed the public is, the better.

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