Should environmental education become a normal part of schooling, similar to math and English?



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    I believe that environmental education should be incorporated in a school’s curriculum. The sooner that education is used to inform people about the environmental damage being done the sooner that people can change their activities and behaviors. I think that environmental education could be included into the science curriculum, where students can learn about the environment, human impacts, and possible solutions.

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    I don’t know if environmental education could ever get beyond being something like health education or gym class or other extracurriculars, but nothing as essential as math and english. What teachers of all grades and authority figures should be communicating to kids is more a general respect for the earth. They should be aware of the earth being an important thing and the things we do can have effects and we should be try and be aware of what our affect will be. If this general respect for the earth is fostered in kids, they will try and live a fundamentally environmental life that can be supplemented with environmental education.

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