Should drug manufacturers be responsible for taking back unused antibiotics?



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    I think they absolutely should! Antibiotic waste is really bad. When antibiotics are flushed down the toilet or wind up in landfills, they can make their way back into our groundwater, which can make it into our water systems and even our drinking water. This is dangerous because then we may be consuming antibiotics without even knowing it! THis could lead to systemic yeast infections or digestive problems as our natural bacteria are depleted, and “bad” bacteria that may be lurking in our environment could become resistant to the antibiotic effects.

    To prevent these problems, I think that the drug companies should definitely accept leftover antibiotics.

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    I think it would be a great idea to have recycling centers for outdated medicines. I would make the government and manufacturers responsible to finance these programs, because manufacturers alone might not have the necessary financial background. Or if we can’t have recycling centers working around the year, maybe monthly or once every 3 months, they could organize recycling days, when people would leave medicines at a predesignated place and they would pick them up and recycle them. 

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