Should the definition of ‘humane’ be amended to include plants?



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    Plants have no nervous system and therefore are not capable of feeling pain or consciousness. It is therefore impossible to hurt a plant. So I would say no.

    That being said plants still play a very important role in ecology, aesthetics, biodiversity, and atmosphere chemistry. It is still wrong to cause plant species to go extinct because every species plays an important role in the world.

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    True plants are not sentient beings… But they are a part of life and we owe our existence to them in some ways — plants sustain us and we humans need them for survival. In the chain of cause and effect harming a plant amounts to harming humans. So one could create an argument based on the idea of a cycle and balance and interconnectedness of all life.

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    Guest, being humane is an absolute must in all aspects of our daily lives. Since everyone is surrounded by nature, however big or small, we must treat all plants and animals as if they were our kin. After all, we’re just a few DNA strands apart. Hope I helped, and have a great day!

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