Should companies be responsible for the carbon made while consumers are using their products?



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    It’s difficult to assign blame on the company or the end user. You could make arguments either way but in the end I think it’s responsibility of both the company and the consumer. I don’t think there’s enough of a case either way. With that logic should a gun company get punished for what happens with their guns once they’re sold? The consumer buys into an agreement when they purchase a product that they take ownership and responsibility for the product.

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    I think that this is definitely an interesting question, and one which is really important for consumers to be educated about when they are purchasing an item. For example, more and more consumers are interested in the environmental impact of the their activities and of their products. Therefore they are looking for products which won’t have a large environmental impact. Companies are responding to this by marketing sustainable products. Thus, if companies want to get have the respect of consumers, they won’t make products which consume a lot of carbon when they are in the hands of the consumer. And for consumers, they should be aware of the company they are purchasing from, and also of the life cycle of their product.

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