Should cell phone towers be powered by green energy?



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    Yes, everything should be powered using energy created in a manner that is sustainable (which excludes using oil, coal, and nuclear reserves [for a different reason—eventually all that toxic waste piles up!]). There is enough energy released in an earthquake to power the United States for an entire year! The trouble is how do you capture that energy and turn it into a form of usable electricity? We know of many sustainable methods already: Wind power, solar, geothermal, tidal energy, etc.

    So, I would say YES: WHY NOT EVEN TRY TO TURN THE TOWERS THEMSELVES INTO WIND TURBINES! (there may be problems with interference, but if that is the case then we’ll use them as stands to absord solar energy from high up above the shade of the trees) There must be a way! We’ll find it if we keep asking the right questions and working hard at the answers… Good job Cameron!

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