Should cars come with labels that show how much CO2 they emit?



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    New cars already come with labels that give information about how many miles per gallon they get. Miles per gallon translate into carbon emitted so this label already serves as almost he same thing. it might be a good idea though to include the actual carbon number just to make people aware who are not thinking about carbon emissions. 

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    Studies have shown that the more direct feedback people have about the impact of their actions, the more likely they are to act in their own/collective interest. I think that people are responsive to the immediate feedback some cars, including the prius, give about instananeous gas consumption, and are more likely to drive in ways that use less gas when they have that information available to them. While I dont think it would be harmful to have labels that inform consumers how much CO2 would be emitted every 100,000 miles. However, I think people are also more responsive to the right-now economics of gas consumption than they are to what is percieved as long-term far-off threats, such as climate change. So, if we want people to use less fossil fuels, I think time would be better spent on promoting a gas tax or something along those lines. 

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