Should bluefish be avoided completely?



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    The bluefish is a large predatory fish. As a rule of thumb large predator fish are the ones we should not eat. They are not prolific breeders and usually take a few years to reach sexual maturity which means that taking breeding adults out of the population is bad news for the species. Other examples of large predator fish whose populations are crashing are the swordfish and of course shark. 

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    This would be argued by many, the following is simply my opinion.  Bluefish are at the top of the list of those contaminated by pollutants.  Pregnant women are expressly told not to eat them.  These fish have been subject to incredibly high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls.  Though it is typically advised not to, I cannot see a reason why to eat these fish.  If they are contaminated, then whyeat them at all?

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