should bike lanes be separated from roads that cars drive on?



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    They are in some places. Separate bike lanes generally strike me as safer for the bikers since they don’t have to deal with car traffic then. On the other hand, that’s also more area that has to be paved and maintained. It’s hard to say which is better or worse, on a grand scale.

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    As a biker, I have sometimes wondered if it would be better to have NO bike lanes, and just have bikes use the same lanes as cars. Then, as opposed to being squished in a little lane right next to parked cars who fling their doors open, bikes would just be like regular cars. It would force cars to go a little slower…but who cares…it would keep them from speeding and wasting all kinds of gas gunning their engines so that they can hurry up and get to the next red light.

    Cars have a hard time understanding that bikes are vehicles just like them, and it would force them to see us if we had to use their lanes with them.

    This would of course only work in inner cities, not suburbs where people generally drive faster. (But in the suburbs, bikes lanes are bigger as well.)

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