Should all the reality stars get together and do an environmental show? That Carrie Underwood seems pretty popular among conservatives…



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    I believe it is always a good thing when celebrities use their fame and influence towards a good cause. If Carrie Underwood can change the tune of those who aren’t in favor of environmental policies, or don’t believe in global warming, it would be great if she did! Same goes for other reality stars. It is important that the green movement harness that power of the media to champion its cause.

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    Yes; celebrities have a huge impact on public opinion and if they make going green more of an issue and more “hip” to the public. The Live 8 concerts that were organized in 2006 brought together musicians around the globe to bring awareness to pressing issues in Africa and around the globe such as poverty and environmental issues.

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    Yes, this is a great idea.  Celebrities, for better or for worse, have an enormous impact on today’s society.  A large event like the one you are suggesting would bring a lot of attention to the many environmental concerns of the present day. It would be great for the green cause. 

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