Should all large companies be required to go through an energy audit?



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    There should be a cap on energy consumption, in my opinion. “Should” is a tough question to answer. There are definitely laws and standards (like building and electrical codes) that everyone has to follow that say you can’t do certain things that are bad for the environment. But there is no cap on how much energy a company can consume—no upper limit to how much power they can buy from the utility company, and no limit on how many pounds of CO2 can be released into the atmosphere in the process of transporting the goods they sell to market—getting the product in the consumers hands is, a lot of the time, costlier than we think). I think an energy audit is a great idea, because why not figure out how much companies actually need, and eliminate the excess waste (by just taxing the crap out of anything that exceeds the upper limit, so companies are forced to remain under the bar). It’s probably mean 10,000 new jobs in both the EPA and the Energy Department.

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