Should all schools have at least one camping trip each year?



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    I think it would be a great idea if every school had a camping trip involved in their curriculum. For many kids, they are entirely unaware about their natural surroundings and for many of those that are and know about the environmental problems we face, they get few opportunities to understand nature in person. It’s one thing to learn about the world and it’s definitely an entirely different thing to see and experience it. Sadly many school systems are lacking in funds and camping are far down the list of things to be spending money on. If we could get children out of their homes and into the woods or mountains for just a little bit it would be a great way to start educating them about the important of the natural world.

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    Schools are hit with enough pressure already to meet the minimum teaching standards for core subject areas, and outdoor education just doesn’t factor in to the essentials of public education. However, some public school systems, particularly those in metropolitan areas, do partner up with local organizations to provide students with opportunities for free or low-cost optional outdoor excursions that last up to one week. If that is not available in the school district near you, check out the YMCA‘s camp offerings in your region. There are many affordable options to suit various needs and interests, and many people don’t know that the YMCA offers partial and full financial aid to families that qualify.

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