Should all endangered species have a facebook account?



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    Yes. This would increase awareness of their endangered status and maybe convince people to take action. Since it would already be on facebook organizing events or fund raising would be very easy.

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    I think it could be a worthwhile project if some non-profit set up pages for different endangered species which could raise awareness about the issues, post news articles, help people know about important public policy decisions and what they could do about them, or solicit donations for environmentalist organizations. But this would be a huge project, so I’m not sure exactly who would undertake it or how.

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    I’m not sure I think this is a good idea. People’s perception of conservation is already too focused on the species-level view. The public needs to have a more holistic view of conservation. For example, the ecosystem-level conservation efforts are generally more successful than species specific efforts.

    In my mind, promoting one species’ conservation seems to imply that this species is more important to pay attention to than that other species, and it becomes a popularity contest (which is not uncommon on Facebook and other social networking sites!). If this is what conservation comes down to, conservation efforts in general will fail.

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