Should all green technology get tax breaks?



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    No. Governemnt spending has to be done conservatively and dilligently or else we will end up overfunding things, and will distort the market to the point that it would not be able to survive without these subsidies (very much like the U.S. agricultural market today).


    Tax breaks should be given to green technologies which truely impact the environment in a positive way. Saying any green technology gets a tax break would likely lead to the production of alot of psuedo-green technologies, and eople wqould just try to take advantage of the tax credits.

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    Well, the recent Cash for Clunkers program gave tax incentives to people who exchanged their old cars in for energy efficient ones. It was a roaring success, and ran out of money. The government should invest in green technologies and offer tax breaks.  In a struggling economy, a country wants its people to invest in its own products and spend more.  It is a growing industry, and the government should continue to promote it.  It is not only federal, but state and local governments are doing the same, offering breaks on solar panels, and other energy efficient appliances.

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