Should 4×4’s and motorbikes be aloud in National Parks?



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    If we take the purpose of a National Park to be a preserved/conserved area that is open to human appreciation and enjoyment then the use of 4x4s and motorbikes are in conflict with this purpose. Admittedly, any foot traffic, camping, hotel or other human interference spoils the “wilderness” aspect of these areas, however, there should always be a balance struck between human enjoyment and conservation. In many ways the use of 4×4’s and motorbikes is not in appreciation of nature but rather to have an outdoor adventure, like having a roller coaster in a rain forest. Motorbikes and 4x4s have been shown to cause a wide variety of social and environmental affects including: plant and erosive trail damage, noise, air and water pollution, and social conflicts between user groups. See the report below for a more thorough assessment of the damages caused.

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