Is sheetrock bad for the environment?



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    It doesn’t seem as though there are “any strong environmental arguments against sheetrock”. Sheetrock is mainly made out of paper (often recycled paper), and plentiful gypsum, which is easy to recycle. Making sheetrock doesn’t require a lot of energy either.

    Sheetrock is easy to recycle, but tons of it ends of in landfills. When this happen, it easily grows mold or soaks up toxic fumes. So the worst thing about sheetrock isn’t the material itself, but is instead how irresponsibly people dispose of it.

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    There are problems with some sheetrock.  Gypsum was being replaced with phosphogypsum in many homes.  Phosphogypsum is highly radioactive and can cause serious health and environment problems.  You may want to check who your installer was and see if they have been involved in any of this scandal.

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