Is Shaq backing the green movement?



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    Yes, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal is backing the green movement. He has invested in GreenHouse, a microfueler distributor located in California and Arizona. He has also showed his support for GreenHouse by attending a microfueler demonstation at the house of the company’s CEO.

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    Shaq is calling himself “The big ethanol” after taking part in GreenHouse. CEO of Greenhouse, Chris Ursitti, said about Shaq, “He knows, like all of us, we’re in trouble, that we all have to do something. He’s got everything he’d ever want in life, but he understands that we’re going to need the world for the next generation. And we have to do it together.” Sean Entin, GreenHouse managing partner then said, “He’s about the community, about family, about giving back. He’s looking to give back to environment, clean up what we’ve created.”

    For more information about GreenHouse visit their website:

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