Self powering energy, is it possible?



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    I don’t have a citation for self-powering energy that is being developed but I believe it is absolutely possible. So many of the inventions, medicines, and innovations that we have made seemed incredible and impossible during their introduction but become regular. I think we first need to get off of energy that is non-renewable and something that does not harm the earth that we live in and begins to give back. An energy that is continuously renewable is not self-powering but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. We need to use the brilliant minds that have created so many brilliant things to solve this problem and everyone else needs to support it in any way that we can.

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    I can see it being possible through piezoelectricity techonology, like that in this article I have linked. It uses mechanical stress to create electrical energy and in the article they talk about using it in nanotech to be used for heart and glucose monitors.

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