Seeing as fast food wrappers are some of the most littered items, is there anything being done to reduce the amount of packaging?

Could fast food chains be convinced to make environmentally friendly wrappers?



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    Some fast food joints are using more and more recycled materials in their packaging, which is great…but they still get littered.
    The research I did shows that fast food places ARE making efforts to use recycled material, but I haven’t noticed much in the way of the REDUCE portion of the REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE credo.
    The best way for average joe to do something about this (and any packaging) is to say you don’t want it. You can get your McDonalds to go without getting a bag and napkins. Just specify that you DON’T WANT it. If these fast food places really do want you to “have it your way” then they should be happy to accomodate you.

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