Is the secret of nimh a green movie for my kids?



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    The Secret of NIMH is a good choice if you want to engage your kids in thinking critically about the use of animals for experimentation.  The film, released by MGM in 1982, recounts the adventures of a field mouse who learns that her husband was used for experimentation by the National Institute of Mental Health.  

    FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) is, in my opinion, a more apt film for teaching kids the importance of environmentalism.  It is a fairytale like story about a rainforest called FernGully whose inhabitants must find a way to protect their home from pollution and destruction.  

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    I wouldn’t call the Secret of Nimh a green movie. kendragon makes some good suggestions about green movies, but both of those movies can be pretty scary to kids! The bit in the Secret of Nimh where they show the mice reacting to the experiments, the owl Ms. Brisby (it might be Ms. Frisby, as I may be thinking of the book and the version I read spelled her name differently than the movie) is pretty scary. FernGully: The Last Rainforest can be pretty frightening with the monster made by oil at the end.

    What I would recommend for a very little child is the movie Serendipity, which is about a pink dragon thing (looks a lot like Nessie!) who seeks to find out who and what she is and has to deal with a lot of environmental based issues as she looks. It is based on a book by the same name, which is part of a series of books that teach morals and lessons including a rhyme based on the lesson taught at the end. Its a really good series and one of my child hood favorites!

    If you can deal with the narm, Captain Planet is pretty good about bringing children’s attentino to enviornment issues, and The Lorax does it well as well – the original animated version is good and a new movie is coming out for it next year.

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