Is the sea shepherd breaking the law?



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    The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sometimes breaks the law, such as by illegally boarding whaling ships to sabotague them. Members of Sea Shepherd argue that breaking the law is the only way to save some endangered species, as world governments don’t seem interested in enacting laws to protect them.

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    Well, according to this article they are shown as hypocrites. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a “strict policy of nonviolence, to not cause injury to those we oppose.” However, their way of dealing with the whaling industry is not so innocent. For example, they have admitted to owning a bunch of non-lethal weapons, like sound cannons and photonic disrupters, both of which temporarily impair their target. They also throw stink bombs and slime at their targets, that makes the ship’s deck too slippery to walk on— which is an especially dangerous weapon in the freezing Antarctic waters. You can read more about this in the attached article.

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    While some of the Sea Shepherd’s antics may be legally questionable, their mission is entirely legal.  Hunting whales, as the Japanese have been, is completely illegal on the other hand, and arguably whatever non-lethal measures the Shepherd has been using to thwart the whalers are completely justified.  The organization employs a Legal and Law Advisory Board comprised of some prominent environmentals with law degrees.  The board ensures that the Shepherd’s activities adhere to international law. 

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