Is sea salt better for you than other salt?



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    Noting the reports from the Mayo Clinic, sea salt and table salt are chemically identical: both made up of sodium chloride. The main differences are in the taste and texture. There are trace minerals in sea salt which differentiates itself from table salt in taste. The minerals in sea salt are not prominent enough to make it better for you. So although sea salt is often marketed as more natural/healthier, there is minimal differences between the two and no added heath benefit for ingesting sea salt over table salt. 

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    There seems to be a fair amount of controversy about the sea salt vs. table salt issue. According to the article cited below, standard table salt is stripped of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals and micro-nutrients during processing. People who have switched from table salt to sea salt have experienced lowered water retention and decreased blood pressure.

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    Here are some more facts about sea salt and its benefits: sea salt dates back 4,700 years and was often used in many healing remedies. It is a naturally occurring ingredient and as such, you can find sea salt in a variety of products.

    Although sea salt is a bit more expensive than standard table salt, most would agree that the added cost is a small price to pay for a better product. Sea salt also comes with a lot of added benefits.

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    yes, because it naturally melts in water while other salts might not melt and pile up that would eventually turn into kidney stones…

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