Is the sea level rise in the Indian ocean the most dangerous?



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    Rising sea levels in the Indian Ocean have particularly serious consequences because of the massive population living along the coast of India and surrounding countries. If you look at the map below, you’ll see that the population density around the Indian Ocean is very high (Lighter colors=lower population density; darker colors=higher population density). As ocean levels increase, these people—many of them poor citizens—will be forced further inland as increasingly violent storms wash away their homes and businesses. The Indian Ocean is particularly susceptible to rising ocean levels because of the Indo-Pacific warm pool, a huge area running east to west from Africa to the International Date Line. The pool’s temperature has increased significantly in the last 50 years, and if this rise in temperature increases, the ocean will experience a much higher rise in levels than other oceans, threatening coastal and island communities in the area.

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    I think it depends on where you live. For those living in Tamil Nadu, in the South of India, the sea-level rise of the Indian ocean may indeed be seen as the most dangerous. 

    For those living in Bangladesh, however, the rising levels of the Bay of Bengal would probably be seen as more threatening. If the conservative estimates of a single meter rise in sea level are correct, approximately 13 millions Bangladeshi’s will be displaced. And if you are currently living in Tuvalu, the rising sea levels of the Pacific ocean would without question be the most dangerous. Tuvalu’s highest elevation is 15 feet above sea-level, making the Tuvaluans at risk of becoming the world’s first “climate refugees“.

    I think the point is that irrespective of your location, climate-driven rising sea levels are a threat.

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    According to a study by the University of Colorado at Boulder, rising sea levels in parts of the Indian Ocean could be due in part to human-related greenhouse gasses. These rises in sea levels could have consequences for the inhabitants of many mid-ocean islands, especially considering that the sea level rise in those areas could be larger than the global average. 

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