is scotch making tape biodegratable



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    The Scotch company makes a special “Magic Greener Tape” that uses 75% recycled or plant-based material. (See citation.)

    But when you think about it — and notice the Scotch page is careful to make this clear — an important feature of a sticky tape may be NOT to degrade! I.e., in many applications a tape that falls apart in heat, cold, water, or exposure to the air is NOT wanted.

    Also note on that Scotch page they make a vague claim to their company’s “sustainability” for 30 years … which is not particularly backed up, for example, by their FAQ page. One might want to take that with a grain of salt: No company wants to be identified as being anti-green!

    There is a non-Scotch brand sticky tape that advertises as “biodegradable”, although apparently it is mostly not available in American stores: Sellotape. There are apparently others too, such as water soluble masking tape (extremely expensive, that one I found!)

    And also, of course, there’s good reason to use biodegradable “tape” for outdoor barricades (such as police barricades). So quite a few products are available there.

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