Is schizophrenia something you are born with or something you develop?



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    Scientists agree that schizophrenia is a developed as a combination between inherited genes and the environment that you are brought up in.  Thus, you are born predisposed to schizophrenia, but you most of the time the symptoms don’t start until you are older.  Thus, I would say that for the purpose of your question it is something that you develop.  Not every person has the potential to be schizophrenic, but people who carry the gene for schizophrenia aren’t necessarily going to show the symptoms.

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    Psych 101. It is genetic, but you also have to be exposed to the right conditions for it to take shape. 

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    Schizophrenia is believed to be largely determined by your genes.  You are more likely to develop the disease if a family member has it, and certain events or behaviors may trigger schizophrenia in those who are already predisposed.  However, the majority of schizophrenics do not begin to show symptoms until their late teens or early adulthood.

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