Is energy saving part of going green?



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    Yes. “Going Green” at its heart is really the careful use of resources. That includes energy, water, food, and all the other things you buy and obtain on a regular basis. The important thing about “going green” is not which products are the most green, what food was produced as the most green, but rather stopping and thinking about whether you really NEED that item in the first place. Buying stuff you don’t need is more wasteful than buying a not so green product that you’ll actually use. Energy is a resource just like oranges or hair product. Don’t buy it if you arn’t going to use it. Don’t leave lights on, don’t heat your house when no ones home, ect ect. Decreasing wastefulness and increasing efficiency is going to be a huge part in moving into a new energy era. The less you use now the less will hurt in the not so distant future.

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