is saving the environment a lost casue?

can we still save the environment



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    What we are really talking about is keeping a stable environment that human beings, plants and animals can survive in, one with clean air and clean water.   We need to realize that the planet will continue on for quite sometime even if there is climate change, or enviromental changes that are too drastic to support humans.  So in order for us as a species to continue on, we must take responsiblity for our impacts on the environment.  No, saving the environment is absolutely not a lost cause, but there are certainly things we cannot change, so we must each personally take responsibility for those things we can change and for our own impacts and do what we can, while we learn to work, with rather than destroy the environment we live in.

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    Some things cannot be recovered, like lost species of plant and animal life, and species disappear every day. Some are most definitely going extinct within the next decade. But all this doesn’t mean there’s no hope for the overwhelming majority of species left, for which conservation and protection is possible.

    Green initiatives also don’t begin and end with saving the environment, its just as equally about saving us as well. Many green values, such as renewable energy and removing carbon emissions are based in values of improving our own quality of life and averting potential disaster. So of course there is still cause.

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