is sand a good soil to grow any type of plant?



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    Sand is not ideal for all types of plants, but many plants can certainly be grown well in sand if there is plenty of water and fertilizer applied to the sand.

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    The best way to answer any question like that is to look in nature.  Look at any natural environment that resembles the one you’re trying to plant in.  Depending on whether your sandy soil is on a beach, in a desert, or next to a lake or river, different types of plants may grow there.  Some sandy conditions simply won’t support much plant life at all.  Especially if there is erosion from wind or waves.  Other sandy sites may support any of hundreds or thousands of different plant species.  If you’re trying to grow things on your sandy soil, I wouldn’t recommend watering or fertilizing.  If a species is meant to grow in your soil, it will do fine without either, once it’s established of course.

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    Sandy soil is often challenging for gardeners because it retains little moisture and is less nutritious than regular soil (it has little organic matter). There actually are, however, many outdoor plants that thrive when planted in sandy soil. This usually means that they actually need/prefer soil that is well-drained. Here are just a few examples:

    • grapes vines
    • common thyme
    • blueberries
    • crabapples
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