Is San Francisco using any tidal power?



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    Currently no. Tidal power is in the very beginning stages of development. Some turbine designs have been created that appear efficacious but need lots of testing and honing. The San Francisco bay has however been prospected as a potential source of Tidal energy in the future when tidal turbines become economically viable.

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    To date, San Francisco is not generating energy from tidal sources, but the mayor believes that the San Francisco tidal project is moving towards its final stages. The project will take place around the waters of the Golden Gate Bridge and is expected to produce about 10 to 30 MW of electricity. There is also the possibility that the project could be upgraded in the future, which could potentially increase production up to 100 MW. The project is still in the test phases and the official outcome will still be determined by many factors including the long term viability of a tidal energy system.

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