Is San Francisco the greenest city in America?



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    Nope, San Francisco is the sixth greenest city in the US, while Chicago, IL is currently the greenest. Chicago is followed by 2) Portland, OR, 3) Seattle, WA, 4) Washington D.C., 5) Atlanta, GA, 6) San Francisco, CA, 7) New York City, NY, 8) Grand Rapids, MI, 9) Los Angeles, CA, and finally, 10) Boston, MA.

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    Depends on the criteria you use, and which poll/study you look at.  Popular Science published a 2008 ranking system, listing Portland as #1.  Others have listed Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and even NYC as the #1 green city.  Since different rankings use different criteria, and there is no national standard for what exactly constitutes ‘green’ living – and no standard for whether recycling outweighs carbon emission reduction, etc. – in the U.S., it just depends.  As you review different rankings though, the same few cities (see above) consistently get named in the top five-ten.

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    A 2010 list I found includes very few major cities, ranking smaller cities, often college towns, as the greenest. The top 10 are:

    1. Burlington-South Burlington, Vermont
    2. Ithaca, New York
    3. Corvallis, Oregon
    4. Springfield, Massachusetts
    5. Wenatchee, Washington
    6. Charlottesville, Virginia
    7. Boulder, Colorado
    8. Madison, Wisconsin
    9. Binghamton, New York
    10. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

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    As others said, how cities rank depends on the ranking system that is used.  Here is a ranking from August 5 of 2010.  In this ranking Austin, Tx is number one for large cities in Energy; among large cities San Francisco ranks 11/12 for Energy.

    These rankings were completed by the National Resource Defense Council’s online resource

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