Is salt bad for your skin?



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    It depends.  Salt can help loosen dead skin, which is why using a salt mineral bath for your body can lead to softer skin.  However, most common soaps are not good for removing salt, for instance if you have spent significant time at the beach, making it hard for you to really feel clean for a while.  Exposing your skin to too much salty water can also lead to salt acne, which is certainly something you would want to avoid as it doesn’t feel good or look good either for that matter.  However, dead sea salt is known to be wonderful for you skin, and can help cure or treat many common dermatological problems such as acne, dandruff, or even cellulite. 

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    Salt water can be used to treat wounds on the skin.  The salt water is believed to be a natural disinfectant and sterilizer.  The salt water will be most effective when the salt and water are added on a 1 tbsp. to 1 cup ratio.  The salt may sting, but soaking a wound for 15 minutes is ideal.

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