sad shad/serviceberry

My shad (which I thought was a tree, but turned out to prefer being a shrub) lost its center trunk about 10 years ago (it is about 25 years old). So I stopped trying to make it into a tree and stopped cutting back the extra shoots from the roots. It was happy for a while but last year about a 10th of it lost all its leaves but that tenth came back this year. But now, July, many of the leaves are turning yellow and dropping. What should I do? Prune? and how to do that?



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    This sounds like a really serious problem. I’m choosing not to try to give you a diagnosis because I think that, if you want to keep your plant, you should most likely address your concerns to your local arborist and set up a consultation.

    The extra shoots from the roots probably should have been pruned, but I would refrain from pruning until you’ve received the advice of a professional.

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