Is planting trees an effective solution to help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?



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    Yes, but we’re going to have to plant a whole heck of a lot of trees. Certain types of trees work better than others as filters and converters of CO2 to oxygen (broad leaf trees with more surface area, think rain forest size leaves, allow for more exchange to occur). The sad thing is though, right now, we are putting so much CO2 into the atmosphere, that we probably don’t have the space to plant all those trees. Therefore, we are going to have to cut back on the amount of emissions we are releasing into the environment. Attack the global warming monster on all fronts—so to speak—conservation (not polluting so much, by using less energy), renewal (of practices that are not harmful to the earth, and a renewal of all those trees we’ve harvested for timber, wood pulp, and heating/ energy purposes), and development of new technologies (there are other ways to get the CO2 out!) I think we’ll be OK, because we are very smart, innovative, and we’re going to figure many amazing things out—about sustainability and eco-friendliness.  It’s called “eco-lution” my friends — what’s about to happen. 

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