Is rust dangerous to humans?



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    Not in the way that mambas and chainsaws can be, but rust can be slightly dangerous. Though safe to ingest in limited quantities (excessive consumption of rust should be avoided) rust is most dangerous if inhaled.  In the lungs, rust dust can cause damage which may lead to breathing problems over time.

    As far as cooking in a slightly rusty skillet or drinking rusty water goes, it certainly won’t kill you.  

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    Iron oxide – rust – is added as iron oxide to “iron fortified” cereals. In some cases, you can actually separate it out from the cereal using a magnet.

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    Actually, the anti-rust cleaning chemicals are more dangerous to one’s health than rust is.

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    Rust can be fatal to humans. Say you’re walking across a bridge, dilapidated with rust. Suddenly the bridge falls, and there you go as well. Metal provides the structure for many buildings, bridges and cars. Rust can compromise the strength of metal and therefore weaken these very important frameworks.

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