Is rust bad for humans?



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    Rust is another name for a compound called iron oxide which is formed when water and oxygen come into regular contact with metal that contains iron (such as steel). When water and oxygen are exposed to the iron over an extended period of time they actually weaken the original bonds of the metal as they form iron oxide.  This weakening process aids in the dissolution of the metal, creating cause for concern in any physical structure as rust will entirely destroy metal structures or support.  

    Rust is not inherently bad for humans and is not toxic but that being said, it is not something you want to ingest in large amounts.  If you find it in your water, you should boil the water before drinking it.  If it appears again, contact your water company to report the problem.  Also, if you are dealing with rusty appliances or metals and have an open cut on your hand make sure to cover it up before you come into contact with the rust and also make sure to scrub your hands after you are done working.

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