Is Rupert Murdoch giving us false information about climate change?



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    Whenever climate change and politics collide, the results are usually explosive. By asking about Rupert Murdoch I assume your question is essentially, “Does the Fox News Network [which is owned by Murdoch and his affiliate companies] report climate change news reliably?” It depends on who you ask. Given the widespread perception that coverage by Fox News is politically slanted to the right, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of well-publicized examples where erroneous information doubting climate change has appeared on the network–for example, a December 2009 poll result, reported that 94% of Americans think it “somewhat likely” that climate change data has been fudged by scientists, except that the individual opinion segments in the poll totaled more than 100% (Jon Stewart notoriously mocked this poll on his Daily Show). On the other hand, Fox News has also been criticized for reporting allegedly alarmist positions on climate change (such as in a 2005 TV special that drew fire from politically conservative bloggers). Trying to wade into these waters to do an impartial survey of what Fox has reported and what it means is likely to merely add fuel to already-burning partisan fires. No matter what data is uncovered, those who believe that Fox News is biased against climate change are unlikely to change their beliefs, while those who take Fox News at its word that it is “fair and balanced” will probably remain unpersuaded that surveys tending to show otherwise are accurate or fairly-drawn. This is unfortunately the nature of public opinion surrounding an issue that has become as politically contentious as climate change.

    [Note: the links presented below are examples of the different sides of the debate. Both are opinion/editorial pieces and should be treated as such.]

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