Is the rumor about there being one surviving dinosaur someone deep in the African jungle?



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    Yes, there have been many claims that there is still a living dinosaur in Africa, however none of the suggestions have been confirmed.  In 1986 Rory Nugent and the rest of his expedition crew were exploring the Likouala Swamp of Africa.  While they were at Lake Tele the crew claims to have seen the long thin neck of a dinosaur rise from the water.  They took two photographs and then fled the scene.  Other places like Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Gabon, and Cameroon have similar reports, all of which have like descriptions with heights of up to 75 feet.  In the Congo this creature is called the Mokele-mbembe.  Many Congo natives are eyewitnesses of the creature, and all of their descriptions are similar despite the little communication they have with one another.

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