Roots are becoming more exposed on large Sunset Maple

We have a sunset maple, planted in a pine island at the front of the house (dirt was brought in to raise and mound tree above pine island level). It is now about 15 feet and and 25 feet tall. The tree appears to be very healthy, but the root system is becoming more and more exposed (very large roots), over the years. Should we cover the roots with dirt and/or mulch? We do not want to lose this tree or ignore a potential problem, but we also do not want to do anything that would harm the tree.



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    According to the gardening forums below, this is a pretty common occurrence for maple trees. The roots require a lot of oxygen, and soil compaction and heavy rains make the roots more likely to be exposed. Some arborists suggest putting mulch over the roots if you want to cover them and thereby add a layer of nutrients. Using top soil is less-recommended, since the roots will likely grow over it as the soil compacts again.

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    To ensure that you get accurate information pertaining to your tree, the best thing to do is to consult an arborist.  I’ve attached some links which will help you to do so.

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