Is rock, like marble or granite a renewable resource?



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    Rock is no more renewable on human scales than oil, in that no more is being made. Of course, volcanoes are “creating” new rock all the time, and even increase the land area of some places like Hawaii and Iceland – but that’s not really rock that is used in the sense of a commodity in volume (some is occasionally used for road ballast).

    Specialty rocks like granite and marble are far more limited in their extent, and commercial locations for mining or quarrying the varieties that would be used for things like countertops, gravestones, paving tiles, and so on are not infinite nor renewable, although for many types the quantitites are large. The more specialized, the rarer — one particular beautiful style of granite, called rapakivi granite, only occurs in a few places. Likewise, special types of marble suitable for particular uses, such as carrera marble, are limited.

    Common rock such as limestone used to make concrete, cement, and road bases has huge world-wide extent, but strictly speaking such rocks are also finite, on human scales. New limestone is forming all the time – but it will be millions of years before any is available for the kinds of uses we put it to today.

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    A renewable resource is defined as a recource that replenishes at the same of a faster rate than consumption. Rock like marble or grantie is non-renewable as it take millions of years to form.

    An example of a renewable resource would be wind power, solar energy, or tidal power.

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