Is renting text books better for the environment?



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    Borrowing text books are a great way to help the environment.  Making books require a significant amount of paper, which comes from trees.  Anything that involves the reuse of books and helps reduce the number of trees needed to make more books, while reducing paper waste is a great way to help the environment.  Purchasing used textbooks is another great alternative as well.

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    Another option is checking out textbooks from the library. Often a school library will have many of the books the professors require, and so borrowing these books is a great way conserve paper and energy.

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    Checking out books, borrowing, and buying used are always good ways to go.  When you’re finished with the semester and don’t need your textbook anymore, try selling it on to recoup what you might have spent on it and prevent more of the same from being printed. 

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    One textbook rental site I’ve used is They have partnered with American Forests so that they’ll plant a tree for every textbook rented. As a college student I’m always looking for a good deal on my textbooks and try to buy used when possible. However, I came across this company last semester and used them to get a couple of my books. They offer decent prices plus the email you reminders when you need to send your books back, which definitely helps someone like me who has a million things going on at once. (By the way, I am not an employee of this company, just a satisfied customer who likes to promote products and services that truly work.)

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    Yes.  It’s way better for the environment to reuse, and borrowing/renting textbooks is doing just that. plants a tree for every textbook that you rent, too!

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         If selling books online seems like too much trouble, most college bookstores will buy back your old textbooks for a percentage of the price. Sometimes you can get up to 50% of the original retail price. Many stores also have donation bins where you can donate books the store won’t buy back to charity. Buyback periods are usually at the end of the semester during exams, but some stores buy books back throughout the year. 

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    Renting textbooks is a great idea that is becoming more and more popular at major universities. Many students don’t wish to keep every single one of their textbooks, and it’s often a hassle to try and sell back books, some of which aren’t resaleable in future semesters. Renting cuts down on over-production and waste, and is an affordable alternative to buying new or used.

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