Is livestock a renewable resource?



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    Livestock are a renewable resource since cows reproduce themselves. If the question is are they “sustainable,” Then the methods that are used to raise them will come into question, for example, are they fed corn or grass, are they fed a diet of antibiotics? In the US most cows are fed grade 2 corn which is heavily subsidized by the government, but inedible by humans (until it is processed) and since cows have evolved to eat grass and not corn, this poses a problem and causes us to have to feed a diet of antibiotics with the corn to fight their body’s infection. (another reason for the need for antibiotics with factory farmed cows, is the close proximity in which they live, as well as the fact that they live their lives literally standing on top of their own waste. 60% of the antibiotics in this country are fed to our livestock which has results that are not yet fully understood for the humans who eat them and live near them.
    were we to only to eat “sustainably” grown cows, how much would the meat consumption in this country be affected. Would prices skyrocket due to scarcity?

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