Is soil a renewable or nonrenewable resource?



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    A resource is defined as a source of wealth. A reserve or supply that can be drawn upon when needed. I would make the argument that soil is not a resource at all. It is not a source of wealth. This is because it exists in such quantities that it cannot be used up. In addition, the using of it does not destroy it or displace it for the most part. It may be defined as a natural resource to plants and animals. Plants require it for survival and thus it becomes valuable to them.

    As for whether or not it is renewable the answer is no. We cannot simply create dirt from nothing. The particles are formed in the center of a sun somewhere. However we have such vast quantities of rock and dust in addition to the rock and dust on distant planets that it is unlikely that we will ever run out. We can always grind up stone to make our dirt or dig down to grab some more. No nation on Earth has a soil deficiency. Perhaps you might clarify your question, toward what aspect of soil use you are referring to as renewable or not.

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