is regular gum organic or throw it in the trash

some of us co-workers are trying to figure out this question is regular gum organic or does it belong in the trash can? Our company is recycling and now going to try out organic. So,the question that came up is” regular gum” can be in either trash or organic or both?



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    I am not sure what you mean by organic. Organic in true sense means living.

    Considering you are comparing “organic” to trash and recycling, I am assuming you are asking if gum is biodegradable. Gum is not biodegradable because it uses gum base, which can consist of combinations of elastomers(latex,rubber), resins, waxes, fats, emulsifiers, fillers, and dyes. The most common gum is made with synthetic rubbers.

    Since gum is not biodegradable, have your company to discourage gum and try to encourage some biodegradable gums. With current conventional gum, it goes in the trash 🙁

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