Is refurbishing a type of recycling?



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    No, but they are both helpful. Refurbishing involves fixing or performing maintenance on an item, either to improve its appearance or mechanical function. Doing this is better than throwing it away, tearing it down, etc. Recycling is when something gets completely broken down and the materials are reused.

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    Refurbishing would be more of a form of reuse rather than recycling.  A determinant would be how much an item had to be refurbished before being used again, at a certain point it would cross the line into having been recycled.  Refurbishing is generally more environmentally friendly than recycling because it usually involves fixing whatever is wrong with the item rather than having to spend the energy and resources to break down and reconstruct or modify the product into a new item.

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    Well its REUSE!  If it can be fixed, then there is no need to throw it out!

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