is refrigerators recyclable



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    Yes.  Here is a very helpful guide:

    If your refrigerator is still in working condition, first consider donating it to charity or selling it.  Also, if you don’t have reliable transportation to physically get it to a recycling facility, the fridge can be used as shelving in a garage with or without the sealed doors.  There is a lot of use you can get out of your old fridge including having some new magnets on hand.  If you cut the strip between the door and the fridge itself, you will find large magnets.  You can cut these magnets into smaller ones for everyday household use.  

    If you don’t want the fridge around anymore and don’t have use for it, you can take it to a recycling facility.  You need to start by removing the magnets from the fridge as described above and finding transportation to the recycling site.  The majority of the fridge is made out of steel, so you will need to look for a steel recycling plant in your area. Scrap metal shops can also take your old fridge, and you can profit off it as well.  Hope this helps and be sure to check out the link! 

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