reflection of light in our daily life



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    What is the question?

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    If you are referring to the pondering of what is good in one’s life and in the world, then yes, I think that this is important, especially in times when we are reminded alot of the dark side of things. The reflection of light in our daily lives will be different for everyone. For me personally, I am able to see the beauty of nature everyday in one of the most polluted cities in the U.S. (Phoenix, AZ). That is a refection of light and good to me. Everyday I am able to see how beautiful my children are and how they see the good in everything; this is a reflection of light in my daily life. No matter how much I mess up in life and feel that I have experienced the absolute worst, I am reminded that I haven’t and I am blessed with waking up to begin a brand new day; this is a reflection of the light in my daily life.

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    Light reflects off of almost all surfaces. The light produced by the sun and incandescent lightbulbs contains electromagnetic waves from every color in the visible spectrum (700-400nm). When this light reflects off of a white surface, all the colors in the spectrum are being reflected. When light hits a black surface, all of the colors are absorbed. A green surface reflects only green light, while other colored surfaces reflect the color of light that we see. Since light travels too fast for us to see, we don’t notice this happening, but it is happening all around us at all times of the day.

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